Vitamin C 6000 Super-Charged Face Cream (4456249950344)

    Our Super Charged Vitamin C with Retinol night cream is rich with antioxidants and nutrients to keep your skin looking smooth, appearing even, feeling youthful and bright by helping to fade the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving the appearance of skin color and tone. It is suitable for both women and men of all skin types and tones including normal, dry, combination, oily, damaged, sensitive, mature, older, fair to dark skin tones such as African-American, Asian, Latin, Indian and Mediterranean. 

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HELPS REDUCE APPEARANCE OF FINE LINES & WRINKLES: Retinol & Vitamin C have been clinically proven to speed up cell turnover & help boost collagen resulting in smoother more youthful looking skin. Use serum vitamin c daily to help improve skin elasticity helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines around eyes and on face crows feet lip wrinkles smile lines neck creases & forehead wrinkles. Incorporate our anti wrinkle serum into your anti-aging regime to help reveal smoother radiant skin. 

BRIGHTER & MORE EVEN COMPLEXION: Our topical vitamin c facial serum combines Retinol and a high concentration of Vitamin C to improve texture leaving skin feeling silky smooth & soft. The anti-oxidant properties combat signs of aging skin by promoting cell improvement helping to reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation marks dark spots discolorations age & liver spots sun spots pigment associated with hormones birth control pills & sun exposure tanning adult hormonal breakouts pregnancy. 

PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE QUALITY: Serums contain premium quality ingredients with the highest concentrations allowable for the greatest therapeutic effect. It does NOT contain harsh chemicals parabens sulfates artificial dyes or fragrances. It helps to repair the appearance of damaged skin for a smoother and more even radiant complexion. All of our products are naturally derived animal cruelty free and made in the USA. We stand behind our products with a 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK 

GUARANTEE.SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Effective yet gentle enough for sensitive, mature, young, and aging skin types delivering results you can see and feel within 1 week. Within 7 days skin feels softer, smoother, plumper more hydrated. With regular use, at 4-6 weeks users reported a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and marks, more even toned, balanced, more plump and supple. Results will continue to improve with continued use. 

THE DERMEDICINE DIFFERENCE: We proudly make our products in the USA using the highest quality ingredients with the most advanced, results focused formulas and animal cruelty free practices. Our formulas are developed by dermatologists utilizing scientific tests and clinical data on breakthrough ingredients with high efficacy results to deliver the most advanced skin care available on the market. We stand behind our products and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


To use, wash face using a gentle cleanser and pat dry. Avoiding direct eye contact, apply a thin layer of serum and allow to dry. Apply twice daily (AM / PM). Can be worn under moisturizer and makeup.


Propylene Glycol, L-Ascorbic Acid, Retinol.

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