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Pure Essential Moisturizing Oil

Quick Overview

A natural oil-based moisturizer that may help speed recovery while soothing and hydrating the skin.


  • Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • May help all skin types
  • Soothe and Hydrate

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How it Works

Essential lipids are a naturally occurring family of compounds which in quantity reinforce the delicate membranes, and regulate the moisture content of the skin. The outer most layer of your skin depends on a balanced quantity of lipids to hold the moisture within and to keep your skin healthy and youthful in appearance. Unfortunately due to factors such as aging or environmental exposure, the skin loses its natural lipid count, leading to an upset in moisture balance, dried skin, wrinkles and an aged appearance. Although the body naturally replenishes its lipid content, the effectiveness and speed may be hindered by age, diet, stress, or genetics. This oil uses a mixture of plant derived lipids, extracted via biofermentation techniques, to hydrate skin. This may help provide a natural and fast acting boost of moisture equilibrium. These essential lipids come in a Squalane based emollient, for rapid delivery. Squalane, a natural olive extract,soothes and hydrates thanks to its compatibility and affiliation with natural skin oil).


Size 1oz (30ml)
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